Cocoon Pendant


The Cocoon is an envelope of clear hand-blown glass, revealing an elegant and compact brushed brass fitting and small inner cup. Finished with a hand crafted walnut fluted stem and Antique Gold twisted fabric flex. All these elements come together to create an organic, elegant and understated pendant lighting piece with that attention to detail that’s so important.

The Cocoon is complimented with an E14 bulb we’ve called Piccolo and a new additional colour to our range of fabric twisted flex, Antique Gold.

All our glass is free-blown, without the use of moulds, using just the skill of hand and eye to guide each shape and, as we use recycled glass, there may be small bubbles, makers marks or swirls – but we believe these differences should be celebrated and cherished.

Our Sale items may include glass that has been deemed a second due to more prominent variations. There may be GRADUATIONS of colour, BUBBLES & SWIRLS including very slight scratches, some SIZE & SHAPE differences and possibly MARBLING in semi-opaque glass. If you would like more details then please feel free to call us on 01629 826284 before you place your order.

Once purchased, we will need to wire up your lights to your specifications. We aim to dispatch your order within 2-4 weeks for Single Pendants, 4-6 weeks for Sculptural Stacks, and 6-8+ weeks for Chandeliers. Your delivery date will be confirmed by a member of our production team once your order is processed.

Pair with a bulb