Caring for your light

1. General cleaning

For all our lights a regular dusting with an ethically made ostrich feather duster once a week is recommended.

When cleaning please ensure the light is switched off, taking care not to pull any loose flexes or allow water to fall onto any electrical workings.

When required, use a spray bottle to gently apply a mist of water onto the surface of the glass and thoroughly wipe with a clean micro cloth. Carefully remove all grease and finger prints, preferably whilst wearing cotton gloves (or holding the shade with another cloth so your fingerprints don’t touch the glass). Holding it up to a window or light source can help you to see any marks that need removing.

2. Shade removal

If your light has a shade ring lamp holder the shade can be removed and cleaned away from the light piece. The glass shade is held in place with a metal lamp holder ring that, if carefully unscrewed anti-clockwise, will release the shade. When putting the shade back make sure you gently find the thread with the ring – turning clockwise. Do not force the ring back on as this can cause cross threading. Two people are advised for this task.

The shade can be immersed in warm soapy water, rinsed and wiped clean. Leave to drain then buff with a dry microfibre cloth.

3. Stemmed or non shade ring pendants

These can be cleaned in situ using the instructions from GENERAL CLEANING in section 1.

4. led tubular lighting

These can be cleaned in situ using the instructions from GENERAL CLEANING in section 1. See instructions below in relation to the diffused (sand-blasted) finish.


Keep general dust at bay with a regular clean using an ostrich feather duster.

Clean as above when required with a water spray and microfibre cloth.

If there are any scuffs then apply a very small dab of boiled linseed oil onto the area and gently massage in – leave for 5 minutes then buff thoroughly with a dry clean microfibre cloth. Wear clean cotton gloves at all times.

repair & maintenance

If you damage your light we offer a full repair service and a quotation will be supplied at the time of enquiry. SAFETY Although our lights are robust they should not be hung near outside areas or places of high activity where accidental contact is likely. If any glass is broken, care must be taken against injury as the broken glass will be sharp. Contact us for replacements.

refurb & Refresh

If after a few years your lights are looking a little tired we can refurbish them with new flex and fittings. You also have the option to refresh the design of your Curiousa lights by working with our design team, who can help you to create a new arrangement with your existing glass. Please contact us for more details.


All our lights are guaranteed for one year. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Bulbs & Led strips

Should you need replacement bulbs you can either contact us or buy directly through our suppliers. We use high quality LED bulbs from Tala (E14) and Well-Lit (E27, G9), who hold the Observer Ethical Awards. Your bulbs are guaranteed for 2 years if you purchase them from Curiousa. All our LED strips within our lights are guaranteed for 3 years.